March 12, 2011

Take Two!

Posted in knitting tagged at 12:54 pm by willknitforbeer

So, still new to blogging but needed a blog login to join the Barbara Walker Treasury group. I love to knit however some days I’m just not up to it. I was intrigued when I came across this group. The swatches created by this group are irresistible eye candy to the knitter who wishes to step up their knitting game. There are four books from which you can choose your patterns and it is these very same four books that were my limiters(is that a word? it is today). They are expensive(in my opinion) but as I have recently learned worth the price. I finally took the plunge and purchased book one(at a bargain rate mind you) and am glad that I did. Although published in black and white I can still see the beauty in some of the published patterns and strangely enough, cannot wait to cast on for a swatch. Strange because I am known by my fellow knitters to detest swatching and absolutely refuse to do so for my larger projects. Maybe it is the knowledge that once the swatch is complete there is no need to go further….i’m not really sure but this is something I am looking forward to and as such might actually blog about. We shall see. Photos to follow…….